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  1. It isn't the staff. James and 0nix are probably the best staff members a site can get. Its lonelywolf's problem. He doesn't add anything and he told me once that after he fixed the issue with the site being completely fucked he was done doing things for the site. ITS LONELYWOLF ITS NOT THE STAFF'S FAULT, WE DID ALL WE COULD DO.
  2. Its been fun, I've met a lot a lot of really nice people who i'm still friends now. This community is dying and the people who remain are just mostly cancer there is no more fun in minging in gmod anymore because all the server addons like cac and antipk that just ruin all of it. There is no point in being a staff rank here any longer especially because @LonelyWolf doesn't even give a shit about the site anymore. I would like to be set back down to a VIP rank and left there. Goodbye, its been fun, stressful and a fucking nightmare. its possible I might come back after shit dies down a bit and all the cancer has gone away but until further notice goodbye. :^) :^) :^)
  3. I got owned
  4. I use this to pk and whenever a server doesn't have cac, really good. Has my stamp of approval
  5. lol pasted ur bad
  6. Keep in mind, this is pseudo code. In order to use this you have to convert it to C++. If anyone does they should either post it here or make a new release in "Cheat Releases", thanks.
  7. Angry cuz leekd
  8. cuz y not m9 bayonet fade doppler tiger tooth
  9. Just slap this right in your sexy paste's. ------- Thanks 0nix. :^) [hide]exploitzz.zip[/hide] [hide]0nix (1): credit me!!!![/hide]
  10. Good Job Roqj
  11. With all this begging your doing your just making it less likely to actually get promoted
  12. You seem like the best staff member we've had in a while welcome to the staff team.
  13. This is a really great release, Thanks.
  14. Big codens
  15. At least its an old cheat release ;D