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  1. A large package of scripts (70 scripts) Somewhere I found it ................................... Новый точечный рисунок.bmp
  2. Description: A full spawn point system. To you simply do what you want. For example if you find that spawn at the police officers arriving on servers and that doctors in hospitals, For the spawn darkrp military officer in his office. Admins that ULX or Other spawn at a specific point. Whether you change your mind and want to move the spawn point like an entity it's possible. The module incorporates its own persistence system. It does not change the behavior of normal spawn. If you place several point same class. Then a random selection will be among them. Admin: Complet Management Panel -Command to Open the panel: "Use on the entity" Only an admin can do this. (Also compatible with ULX Admin) Is already translated into 20 languages Persistence: Included persistence System. The data are saved. COMMAND: -Delete all persistence file of the map and entity: nordahl_player_spawnpoint_cleanup -Enable the admineyes to see all spawnpoint: nordahl_admineyes_enable (NEW version in 2.5) -Disable the admineyes to see all spawnpoint: nordahl_admineyes_disable (NEW version in 2.5) -One command to Hide all physique model: nordahl_hide_all_cubemodel (NEW version in 2.6) -One command to Show all physique model: nordahl_show_all_cubemodel (NEW version in 2.6) -Command to force spawn all players on the servers: nord_allplayers_forcespawn (NEW version in 3.5) FAQ: Q: "With the spawn manager, is it possible to delete the spawns by default, and add my own spawns?" Author: "When you place the first spawn with my system, it removes all the default ones. And when you delete my last spawn point. This is the default one that works." Yellow: "If my group or my job does not have spawn point, that can bug?" Author: "No you spawn to the point defined by the map." Red: "How to I add spawns without them deleting when I leave the server?" Author: "Open the panel and click on persistence button (OFF/ON)." Green: "So if I have a Military RP server it's possible to make several group point Although separate?" Author: "Yes." Green: "Have noticed that i cannot change the name of a spawnpoint, when i try i click save and nothing happens. Any ideas what causes this?" Author: "You need Press "Enter", the text become green." Configuration file (screenshot in media): lua\entities\job_spawn_point\config.lua Config Option: 'Config editable in shared.lua:' If you have DarkRP server use the value "1" NordJSP.JSP_ENABLE_DARKRP_JOB="1" (Dont exist now it's automatised since the panel) Want keep team spawn NordJSP.JSP_ENABLE_TEAM_GROUP="1"(Dont exist now it's automatised since the panel) Add name of Team Group you want use: NordJSP.JSP_TEAM_GROUP={"Unassigned","Team 1",}(Dont exist now it's automatised since the panel) Want use spawn of ULX Group? Keep this value on 1. NordJSP.JSP_ENABLE_ULX_GROUP="1"(Dont exist now it's automatised since the panel) Add ULX Group here: NordJSP.JSP_ULX_GROUP={"admin","superadmin","user"}(Dont exist now it's automatised since the panel) Disable Spawn System of DarkRP set with command 'setspawn' forgot all problem you know with this command. Value is put on "1" to disable it. NordJSP.DISABLE_setspawn="1" Compatible: Compatible with ULX Admin Groups Compatible With all gamemode use System of Team() and UserGroup() Script activation https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/1966 nordahl_spawnpoint_manager_all_gamemode.rar
  3. CORPSE SYSTEM for DarkRP https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/763/corpse-system-for-darkrp corpse system.rar
  4. ADVANCED KEYS for DarkRP https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/773/advanced-keys-for-darkrp Advanced keys for DarkRP 1.0.4.zip
  5. PICKPOCKET SWEP for DarkRP video https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/756/pickpocket-swep-for-darkrp [hide]pickpocket.rar[\hide]
  6. PROPERTY - DarkRP multipurpose territory marking system A good universal script for your server property_darkrp.zip
  7. JOB SYSTEM for DarkRP - NPCs, unlocks & more A good script for your server from the Russian coder YouTube demonstration gmodstore: https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/811/job-system-for-darkrp-npcs-unlocks-more job-system-for-darkrp-npcs-unlocks-and-more.rar
  8. Спасибо а то эти RDM
  9. Http://bit.ly/2r5xApV Http://bit.ly/2sDg2Uc Http://bit.ly/2r5H8kK
  10. Hi here you have a leak Blues Unboxing (version 2) Soon there will be money clicker good luck! [hide]blues-unboxing-2.rar[/hide]
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