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  1. I think this will be useful for hera vs hera.
  2. "nailheadpro" never heard that name before.
  3. That's not acting scary at all, you need to look up the definition of scary.
  4. all of the people from citizenhack trying to start drama, its honestly immature and the reason the website has gone downhill
  5. I'm actually a really nice guy and will help anyone out, but if people are going to act tough and disrespect. me or anyone else for no partciular reason? they have another thing coming.
  6. tries to act scary? I'm not trying to act scary lol, this child just has learnt no respect whatsoever and thinks hes some sort of tough guy, if anything you should be calling mint a skid.
  7. So you are calling someone who has probably made more things for gmod than you have in a lifetime a skid? Nice logic.
  8. sending information isnt malware
  9. he hasnt learnt respect
  10. Nothing just some random script kid called tyler thinking he's a big man because he bought a gmod-hack maybe he should learn to code lua or at least attempt to learn instead of trying to act tough online before he gets hurt.
  11. Dumb thread from a five nights at freddies fan "Foxy The Pirate Fox" nice former name.
  12. nah, this is just pseudo code. not a leak.
  13. saved yourself getting scammed (shity exploits + most copy and pasted from loki)